Posted by Jennifer Romig


  1. Rebekah Noell April 2, 2014 at 1:27 pm

    This interview was fantastic. As a paralegal currently preparing one of my attorneys for a mediation, two things really hit home for me in this interview. “What is the motivator?” and “Nuanced listening.” In fact, if there isn’t already a hashtag for #nuancedlistening, I am going to create one. This gives me much to think on as I assist in preparation. Thank you for sharing the knowledge wealth!


  2. […] listed in the Resources section of Listen Like a Lawyer. I’m also grateful for the guest speakers and writers (here and here) who have already contributed their thoughts. […]


  3. […] the blog has thus far tried to cover topics of general interest from marketing to litigation and mediation (with gratitude to guest Greg Parent) to management issues involving feedback and team dynamics. Some lawyers are highly engaged with […]


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