Better Lawyering Through Better Listening

What are your key strengths and weaknesses as a listener? How can you, as a lawyer or legal professional, actually become a better listener? What listening techniques can lawyers use to be more effective with clients, witnesses, judges and mediators, and others (perhaps loved ones)? I'm pleased to be collaborating on a CLE workshop that will … Continue reading Better Lawyering Through Better Listening

The “romance” in learning to listen

Education comes in three stages: romance precision generalization This is according to A.N. Whitehead’s “rhythm of education,” a framework widely shared last month in The Atlantic’s profile of Teller—of Penn and Teller—as a former teacher. He tells the story of his early days as a high-school Latin teacher: Romance, argued Teller, precedes all else. “I’m 5’8” … Continue reading The “romance” in learning to listen

Listening under the influence

What is the effect of drinking on listening skills? This matters for lawyers who will be networking over a glass of wine or taking clients to dinner where alcohol is served. What appears to be a still-valid 1975 psychiatric study predicted that drinking would have a variety of effects on communication: In a group setting, low to … Continue reading Listening under the influence

Habits of cross-cultural lawyering

What if a lawyer from a modest financial background is working with relatively wealthy clients for the first time? What if a commercial litigator at a large firm takes on a pro bono project interviewing kids in juvenile detention? What if a young female lawyer is representing an international client with a serious legal problem … Continue reading Habits of cross-cultural lawyering

You should watch The People v. O.J. Simpson

To echo what many have said, I now know what I’ll be doing for the next ten Tuesday nights. The People v. O.J. Simpson: An American Crime Story (FX Networks) is as incredible as everyone is saying. For viewers who lived through the spectacle, it brings back memories (“Where was I the night of the … Continue reading You should watch The People v. O.J. Simpson