Listening: a romantic thing to do

On this Valentine’s Day, if you are celebrating with a significant other, consider effective listening as a gift more valuable than chocolates or jewelry. (And that really means something, at least coming from the author of Listen Like a Lawyer.) A few specifics that might make this day more romantic. These are inspired by some … Continue reading Listening: a romantic thing to do

Listening in law school: second-semester update

First-semester 1Ls face a daunting challenge: they are learning the law as taught in the language of the law—which they don’t know yet. This challenge is to some extent uncomfortable and unavoidable, but there are steps 1Ls can take and resources they can consult to ease the transition. As one of many examples, here is … Continue reading Listening in law school: second-semester update

A brilliant, flawed listener

Listen Like a Lawyer spent last week sheltering in place during the Atlanta snow debacle. It was a good week to make crock-pot chili and spend some time re-reading a good book—Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. Wolf Hall is a brilliant novelization of the Henry VIII saga. It has been chosen as the first book … Continue reading A brilliant, flawed listener