Listening: a romantic thing to do

On this Valentine’s Day, if you are celebrating with a significant other, consider effective listening as a gift more valuable than chocolates or jewelry. (And that really means something, at least coming from the author of Listen Like a Lawyer.)

A few specifics that might make this day more romantic. These are inspired by some of the tweets and retweets from Listen Like a Lawyer:

  • Keep your focus on your partner.

  • Instead of saying “but” and then clarifying, say “yes and . . .” to keep the conversation going.

  • When discussing a problem, don’t try to solve it too soon.
  • Come into a room with the attitude of “Ah, there you are!”

  • No conversational “tee-ups” like “I’m just saying . . . .” Please.

  • No “screen face” when you look up from a device.

  • If all else fails, try gasping in agreement. Seriously.

2 thoughts on “Listening: a romantic thing to do

  1. […] A rhetorical tactic for reaching less-engaged potential blog readers is through the Upworthy-style heading. I haven’t written that many headlines such as “10 Ways Your Law Career Is Being Sabotaged By Bad Listening!” or “The Secret Ingredient to Getting Clients to Love You in 60 Seconds.” But the blog has published some serious posts directly focused on listening problems such as mismatches in team communication styles, the crossover of bad listening into personal life, and issues with mobile devices and other forms of distractions. A few humorous posts have experimented with mock scare-tactics such as “Four Scary Kinds of Listeners” (a Halloween special) and “A High Intensity Listening Workout” — basically, Tabata for listening. Other forms of humor include Tami Lefko’s guest post with great TV clips on active-listening, and a compilation of listening advice for Valentine’s Day. […]

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