LLL’s articles of the year

Here’s a list of the best articles and blog posts Listen Like a Lawyer came across this year on listening, teamwork, and communication generally. The year 2016 has certainly been a challenging one for listening. And there have been quite a plethora of good articles. (Or is it “has been quite a plethora”? Never mind; this is not a legal writing blog.)

If you know of an excellent recent article or post that didn’t make this list, please let me know or recommend it in the comments.



Jim Lovelace, Learning to Listen, ABA Law Practice Today

Eduardo Capalong, Client as Subject: Humanizing the Legal Curriculum, Clinical Law Review

Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers, The Whole Lawyer and the Character Quotient (lead report from the Foundations for Practice survey)

Ann Sinsheimer & David Herring, Lawyers at Work: A Study of the Reading, Writing, and Communication Practices of Legal Professionals, Journal of the Legal Writing Institute

Michael Downey, A Customer Service Crash Course, National Law Journal 

Jen Reynolds, Two Quick Takes on Cohen: Open-Minded Listening, Indisputably Dispute Resolution Blog (reviewing Jonathan Cohen, Open-Minded Listening, Charlotte Law Review)

John Balestreire, Connect with your Colleagues in Person, Above the Law

The Lawyer Whisperer, The Degradation of Our Professional Environment . . . and How to Win It Back 

Pam Woldow & Doug Richardson, To Law Firms with Love: How to Fail at Collaboration in Four Acts, At the Intersection Blog

James Runde, Why Young Bankers, Lawyers, and Consultants Need Emotional Intelligence, Harvard Business Review Blog

General interest

Charles Duhigg, What Google Learned from Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team, New York Times

Southern Poverty Law Center, Speak Up: Responding to Everyday Bigotry

Harvard Program on Negotiation, Negotiation Tips: Listening Skills for Dealing with Difficult People 

Jonathan Mahler, I Muted the TV During the Debates. I Still Knew the Score., New York Times

Melissa Dahl, Empathy Is Nice, But It’s Not Exactly Necessary, New York Magazine

Rachel Feingtzieg, Before You Hit Send, Read This, Wall Street Journal; see also Rob Asghar, The Art of the Effective Business Email, Forbes

Jennifer Breheny Wallace, The Benefits of a Little Small Talk, Wall Street Journal

Kasia Wezowski, The Key to Negotiation is Reading People’s Faces, Harvard Business Review Blog

Jeff Haden, How to Be Truly Generous: 9 Things Genuinely Kind People Always Do, Medium 

Drake Baer, The Personality Trait that Leads to Having Friends that Don’t Look Like You, New York Magazine

Core Jr., How to Recognize a Great Client, Core 77

Francesca Gino, Research: We Drop People Who Give Us Negative Feedback, Harvard Business Review Blog







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